The hike «Elvelangs in Ål» (hike by the Hallingdal river in Ål) goes from Hallingdal Holidaypark (Hallingdal Feriepark) to Bråta Sports Park (Bråta Idrettspark).

An idyllically 3 kilometres hike- or bike tour along the Hallingdal river. It is facillitated for wheelchairs and strollers.

Along the trail there are viewpoints where you can take a rest, fish or take a swim. You can also play in the obstacle course or on the playground around it, at Bråta Sports park.

If you want to make it a round trip walk by Sundrevegen and Myrovegen back to Hallingdal Holidaypark.

Things to do in Ål, visit: https://www.visital.no/